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Julie is a TEXAS GIRL and confessed SHOP-A-HOLIC who loves everything FASHION. She is married to Steve, and the mom of two kiddos, Luke and Emma, and her four-legged fur baby who is also the name sake of the business - DELILAH, her Chihuahua!


After graduating from COLLEGE, her career was in retail management.  When she was just a LITTLE girl, she would dress her family DOG up in baby clothes and push the dog around in her baby carriage to show off her OUTFIT.  Julie’s favorite fashion item is DENIM! Together, she and business PARTNER Amie have built the biz...starting with a 1996 School BUS in 2017 and now, a storefront in Historic Old Colorado City.



Native TEXAN and mother of three BOYS, Amie is the 'TECHY' side of DFT. She is a graduate of CU Boulder and has been in Colorado Springs since 2006. 


She and Julie met as PRESCHOOL moms when they discovered their TEXAS roots and have been BESTIES ever since.

Her passion for CREATIVITY and fashion makes the mobile BOUTIQUE adventure a perfect career. She is INSPIRED every day by amazing WOMEN she meets along the way.

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